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    After weeks of anticipation, more details have finally emerged on the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon. A new trailer was released this morning. It revealed plenty of new information, including the three starters that trainers will be able to choose from at the start of the games. The three choices are Rowlet; a pudgy owl […]

    The post Pokemon Sun and Moon Starters Revealed appeared first on The Nerd Stash.

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    Following the first official trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon several weeks ago, a new trailer was released today showing off more information about the upcoming sequels. The previously shown legendary Pokemon were given names. The white lion with lines of gold jutting out of its mane that adorns the Pokemon Sun box art is named Solgaleo […]

    The post Pokemon Sun/Moon: Legendaries, Pokedex Detailed appeared first on The Nerd Stash.

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    Do you happen to remember a few months back, when people were freaking out about seeing a new Pokémon in this trailer for Sun and Moon? (See if you can spot it.  The footage is maybe a second long.) Well, now the new monster has finally been confirmed and revealed.  In a news article published […]

    The post Two New Pokémon Revealed For Sun And Moon appeared first on The Nerd Stash.

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  • 06/15/16--10:58: E3 2016: Pokemon GO Q&A
  • New at E3 2016, Nintendo and Niantic have gathered to talk Pokemon. During the session, it was shown that, as previously announced, trainers would encounter different monsters depending on their real-world location. Also revealed was the ability to evolve captured Pokemon and, eventually, to trade them. Though the mobile game will at first only feature […]

    The post E3 2016: Pokemon GO Q&A appeared first on The Nerd Stash.

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    Geek Fuel had a mixture of items in their June 2016 Mystery Box.  I don’t think there was a specific theme but there were items from Pokemon, Mario, Sherlock, TMNT and more.  Let’s take a look. Two of my son’s favorite things, Big League Chewing gum and Pikachu! Now they are both in one place. […]

    The post Geek Fuel: June 2016 – Pokemon, Mario, TMNT and More! appeared first on The Nerd Stash.

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    Pokemon Go came first to Australia and New Zealand yesterday. Since then, many people around the world started refreshing their iOS and Android devices eagerly in anticipation. As of earlier today, the United States can join in on the fun. I just downloaded the game myself, and can say that it seems to be working well. […]

    The post Pokemon Go Now Available in U.S. appeared first on The Nerd Stash.

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    Pokemon Go is the latest craze to sweep mobile gaming. Recently, the Augmented Reality game has been all over the news. It seems to be all that people are talking about. Nintendo’s stock has risen by a whole 25%. With so much money coming in, everyone is looking to join the profit. This includes Hollywood – […]

    The post Pokemon Live-Action Movie Possible For Legendary appeared first on The Nerd Stash.

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    Pokemon Go makes going outside cool again. In case you’ve just woken up from a coma, Pokemon Go is conquering the world with ease. The augmented reality game is defying gamer stereotypes by encouraging gamers to explore the outside world. While there are positives and negatives to this, there is no denying its popularity; Pokemon […]

    The post Pokemon Go Now Biggest Mobile Game in US History appeared first on The Nerd Stash.

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    Legendary Studios is moving forward with the live-action Detective Pikachu film. Earlier this year it a bidding war was rumored to take place for the rights of a live-action Pokemon film. Warner Brothers and Sony were also in the running in that bidding war. Detective Pikachu was a game that released on the 3DS in Japan earlier this year. […]

    The post Live Action Detective Pikachu Movie Coming appeared first on The Nerd Stash.

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    Nintendo and The Pokemon Company continue to release a steady trickle of Pokemon Sun and Moon news. But today’s new trailer offered up the most details yet. The first big announcement offered up some changes to classic creatures. Apparently, the island of Alola is home to some monsters we all know very well, but their types […]

    The post Pokemon Sun and Moon: Tons of New Details appeared first on The Nerd Stash.

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    Pokemon has exploded in 2016, from the re-release (or, re-re-re-release, frankly) of the original Kanto saga, Pokemon Go, and the upcoming Sun, Moon, and Detective Pikachu games. And the collectible monsters still aren’t finished with us. Fans may have heard that Legendary Entertainment is planning a live-action movie based on Detective Pikachu. Legendary acquired the […]

    The post Live Pokemon Movie Written by Perlman and Hirsch appeared first on The Nerd Stash.

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    The newest trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon has introduced a load of new details about the game, including new creatures, new Alola forms, Ultra Beasts, the Aether Foundation, and the new Poke Finder game feature. Type: Null is a brand new normal type, he’s a weird creature who appears to have been assembled form […]

    The post Pokemon Sun/Moon: New Creatures And Snap-Like Feature Revealed appeared first on The Nerd Stash.

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    This month’s CoroCoro has arrived, and it carries with it a very small amount of new Pokemon content. First up, the evolution of Rockruff. The stony puppy evolves into Lugarugan, its Japanese name, based on the day and night cycle. This splits it into one of two forms: “hot as day” or “cool as the […]

    The post Updated: Pokemon Sun and Moon: Rockruff and Ultra Beasts Revealed appeared first on The Nerd Stash.

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    The recently announced Pokemon Generations has received its first two episodes on YouTube. The first, titled ‘The Adventure,’ stars the classic Pokemon Trainer Red and his Pikachu as they venture through all six regions, fighting Pokemon and encountering a plethora of legendary creatures. The second is called ‘The Chase’ and follows a detective and police […]

    The post Pokemon Generations First Episodes Available Now appeared first on The Nerd Stash.

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    The Pokemon series has long been Nintendo’s cash cow. The newest entries in the series, Pokemon Sun and Moon, will be unleashed upon us in just a few weeks. But are people still interested in the video games, or is it just a cultural phenomenon that has left the games behind? According to a press release from Nintendo, […]

    The post Pokemon Sun and Moon Are Biggest Nintendo Pre-Order Games Ever appeared first on The Nerd Stash.

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    The demo data mining incident hasn’t kept The Pokemon Company from steadily revealing details about the seventh generation of games. The latest batch of Sun and Moon info describes Z-Moves a little more in-depth, including those used by the starters. It also introduces a few more Ultra Beasts and what is most likely the true […]

    The post Pokemon Sun And Moon Exclusives Announced appeared first on The Nerd Stash.

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    Just when you think you might be over Pokemon GO, Niantic release a bit of news that has you digging for your favorite trainer cap and heading back out into the world. The ever popular mobile game has an update scheduled for December that is rumored to contain some pretty exciting stuff. Hold your breath people, […]

    The post Pokemon GO Update Could Include New Pokemon appeared first on The Nerd Stash.

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    Not long ago, a new Pokemon mobile game was hinted at, one that wasn’t an update to Pokemon Go, but a new game entirely. As it turns out, that new mobile game stars what is undoubtedly the most well-known and well-received pocket monster in the world. The one that instantly comes to everyone’s mind when […]

    The post Practice Your Splashing Skills for New Pokemon Mobile Game! appeared first on The Nerd Stash.

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    Hey, buddy. Yeah, you over there. Do you play that Pokemon Go thing? Of course, you do. And did you hear about the Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago the other day, where they were going to unveil the first legendary Pokemon to appear in the game? Probably. But, since not everyone in the U.S. lives […]

    The post Niantic Chooses Legendary Pokemon Articuno and Lugia appeared first on The Nerd Stash.

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    Pokemon Go‘s Niantic is delivering on a promise they made long before the game was actually a reality. Mewtwo has finally made an appearance in the game; however, don’t expect to find this legendary pocket monster out in the wild and don’t expect it to stick around for long. In order to catch this very […]

    The post Mewtwo Finally Makes an Appearance in Pokemon Go appeared first on The Nerd Stash.